RE: The result of the plane 14 tag characters review.

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 07:55:32 EST

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    At 11:50 AM 11/18/02 +0100, Dominikus Scherkl wrote:
    > > I agree that in this example, higher-level markup would do
    > > all that is necessary.
    >But I'd like to read a "README.TXT" with a plain-text editor.
    >These files are very common - and if they're not deprecated
    >using plane-14-tags would be very nice to have in an multi-language
    >readme (where higher-level tagging is not available).

    You might find it very un-nice in practice, since plain text
    editors/viewers are notorious for not supporting tagging of any kind. In
    fact, all you are likely to get are a series of uninterpreted black boxes
    for the tags.

    As a result of being monofont plain text viewers/editors are also notorious
    for not supporting much beyond a limited repertoire of characters [a few
    noble exceptions to this rule notwithstanding].

    Unless a widely used plain-text protocol requires or supports these
    characters, they remain a solution in search of a problem. I still haven't
    seen evidence of such a protocol.

    Remember, just because something's in the standard doesn't mean that it's
    magically supported everywhere. If it can't be added to existing systems by
    simple font extension (or similar updates) it may not be supported for a
    long time: Until it's widely supported, it's de-facto not available to


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