RE: The result of the plane 14 tag characters review.

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 10:36:14 EST

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    > As a result of being monofont plain text viewers/editors are also notorious
    > for not supporting much beyond a limited repertoire of characters [a few
    > noble exceptions to this rule notwithstanding].
    > Unless a widely used plain-text protocol requires or supports these
    > characters, they remain a solution in search of a problem. I still haven't
    > seen evidence of such a protocol.
    We're doing our best. Kermit software supports Unicode in plain text
    terminal sessions:

    and Linux is moving in that direction too (e.g. the Linux console in the
    latest Red Hat release, as well as many Linux / GNU plain-text utilities,
    now including EMACS 21.1):

    Plain-text interactive shell and application access is still a widely
    used protocol, and is becoming more internationalized every day thanks to

    - Frank

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