RE: Anyone who can write Hindi on the Unicode List?

From: Gary P. Grosso (
Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 08:34:57 EST

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    As this will likely come up in my line of work (tech support and
    troubleshooting for products which, among other things, export HTML),
    I would be interested in any more detail/explanation (or pointers to
    such) about "using Uniscribe for complex text rendering" and/or why
    using Arial Unicode MS would cause such a problem, or why using a
    different font would solve the problem.

    I think I'm "hearing" that some combination and/or reordering
    of glyphs is needed for Hindi, and just having the right characters
    alone isn't enough... is that on the right track?

    Best regards,

    At 02:00 AM 11/21/2002 , "Joseph Boyle" <> wrote:
    >The page already has the "corrected" appearance when I view it on IE6 / XP, but the incorrect appearance on IE5.5 / NT4. I am guessing that his Windows is not using Uniscribe for complex text rendering, either because it is an older version like NT4, or because complex script support or langauge packs using it are not checked in Regional Settings.

    At 05:41 PM 11/20/2002 , Andy White wrote:

    > > The Unicode office has received this email claiming that our
    > > page "What is Unicode in Hindi" is incorrect. Can anyone verify this.
    >The Page is correct
    >Anirudh Pandya wrote:
    > >>... I am
    > > > using IE 6 with SP1 installed. I am attaching (an HTML file)
    > > > the corrected
    > > > spelling of the transliteration of 'Unicode' on the hindi site.
    >I think that the problem is that you are viewing the page with the
    >ArialUnicode font. To check, in IE select
    >Tools/InternetOptions/GeneralTab/Fonts/Devanagari and see what is
    >You should be able to view Unicode text in web pages correctly on
    >Windows 98 (and I think Win 95) or later, if you also have with IE 5 (or
    >later), provided that an appropriate Open Type font is also installed.
    >For an example OT font you could try installing Raghu available here:

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