kurdish sorani

From: Andries Brouwer (aebr@win.tue.nl)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2006 - 06:55:19 CDT

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    Two weeks ago or so I mentioned on some other list that
    what are for Arabic just initial / medial / final / isolated
    presentation forms of the same character, are different characters
    in certain other languages such as Kurdish.

    Indeed, ARABIC LETTER HEH (U+0647) is a letter with 4 glyph forms.
    In Kurdish (written in the Sorani, essential arabic, alphabet)
    one has two letters (let me call them Kurdish H and Kurdish E)
    and these 4 glyph forms become the two forms of Kurdish H
    and the two forms of Kurdish E.
    Initial and medial Heh are forms of Kurdish H, final and
    independent Heh are forms of Kurdish E.
    Kurdish E never joins to the following letter, so needs only two forms.
    Initial, final and independent Kurdish H are all written with initial Heh.

    I wonder what the correct way is to write Kurdish in Unicode
    (without using language tagging).
    Are new Unicode code points needed? Do these exist already?

    Using the Arabic Presentation Forms just for Heh does not work well,
    since shaping of neighbouring characters will be wrong.
    Writing all in presentation forms cannot be the correct solution.


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