Re: Glottal stop languages

Date: Wed May 28 2008 - 12:21:20 CDT

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    Jonathan (and copying to Unicode list),

    This is the current version of the list I've got. It is tab delimited.
    I've attempted to document various kinds of glottals. However, most of
    what I have is for A78C/A78D because I had to document the languages that
    used that character to get it accepted into Unicode. The others are just
    ones I happened to notice in my investigations.

    I'd be happy to update this list (and make it available again) if anyone
    wants to send me the ISO 639-3 code and what kind of glotal (USV) that
    language uses. My list is primarily smaller language groups and so I'm
    sure we could add quite a few "majority" languages to this list.


    "Jonathan Pool" <> wrote on 05/22/2008 11:40:54 PM:

    > Hi. Would the list that Eric Muller refers to below be available? It
    > help in the TransGraph/PanDictionary project at the University of
    > Turing Center.
    > Jonathan
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    > ... Lorna Priest kindly sent me a list of
    > languages which are known to use an apostrophe to write a glottal stop

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