Re: Text scans needed containing slashed letters of 19/20th century Latvian and Sorbian orthography

From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2008 - 02:26:00 CST

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    why not simply use


    I thought we'd encode composable characters only, if they are part of a
    legacy encoding?

    The slashed S was also used in Latvian, not only in Sorbian, but it's
    actually a slashed LONG S, afaik.


    2008/10/27 Karl Pentzlin <>

    > Hello everybody,
    > I am working on a proposal to encode letters which occur in 19th century
    > Latvian and early 20th century Lower Sorbian orthography.
    > These are the slashed versions of G/g, K/k, N/n, R/r, and S/s.
    > All of these occur in 19th century Latvian; the slashed S/s occurs in
    > early 20th century Lower Sorbian.
    > You find the draft of my proposal (entitled: "Proposal to encode 10 Latin
    > letters with diagonal stroke") at:
    > To complete this proposal, I need any scans or digital photographs
    > from text containing the proposed letters, with the bibliographical
    > information regarding these texts.
    > (Especially, I hope to get more appropriate examples of 19th century
    > Latvian orthography as the fig. 2 contained in the 2008-10-26 draft
    > of my proposal.)
    > I would appreciate any such texts or any other comments regarding my
    > proposal, especially if I could get them in time to finish my proposal
    > this week (last week of October 2008), in time to the next UTC meeting.
    > You can mail me privately to (in English or German):
    > karl-pentzlin (at) europatastatur (dot) de.
    > Many thanks in advance for any help.
    > Best wishes
    > Karl Pentzlin

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