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Date: Fri Jan 08 2010 - 08:57:48 CST

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    On 2010-01-08 01:02, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
    > I remembered on which mailinglist I asked about this (how to enter in a
    > specific IME) and dug up the example:
    > gae-ul: 개울 (stream; brook)
    > ga-eul: 가을 (autumn; fall)
    > In normal transliteration and IME entry you'd write gaeul in both cases, but
    > you really need the syllable marker to specify which you mean.

    I'll pass it on, but my expectation is that it is a non-issue, since the
    first would be typed ᄀ ᅢ ᄋ ᅮ ᆯ and the second ᄀ ᅡ ᄋ ᅳ ᆯ (I had to
    space between the jamos so Thunderbird wouldn't recombine them). What we
    represent as "a", "ae", "eu", and "u" are distinct jamos.

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