Re: Transform for Hans with multiple pronunciations

From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri Jan 29 2010 - 03:50:13 CST

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    2010/1/29 Christoph Burgmer <>:
    >> I'm using the ICU transform demo from:
    >> But for now, the demo page can only show Latin transform of 行 as xíng,
    > I doubt this lies inside the scope of the ICU project.

    I disagree completely. If it is going to include Han -> Latin
    transformation then it should do it properly or not at all. 行 -> xíng
    is not ideal, but 银行 -> yín xíng is just plain wrong. It may be
    troublesome to do it correctly (show multiple readings in frequency
    order for single characters, and show the correct reading for compound
    words if possible), but it can be done. Doing it wrong like this is
    less than useful.

    Another question is why it only trasnforms to pinyin, and does not
    include (or allow selection of) Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese
    readings where appropriate.


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