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Date: Fri Jun 04 2010 - 14:38:00 CDT

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    Unicode has Roman numerals for compatibility reasons, not for serious use as Roman numerals. If you *really* want to work with roman numerals, even in the year MMDCCLXIII AUC, use the letters, just like the Romans did.

    And in any event, you're undermining your own case, because a *lot* of societies have used the same symbols for letters and numerals. People learn to live with it, just the way we live with cough and slough, minute and minute, and 1750 hours and 1750 days. This is where gematria had its start.

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    > Unicode has Roman numerals and bar counting (base 0); why should base 16 be
    > denied unique characters?
    > From another perspective, the English-language Arabic-numeral world came up
    > with ASCII. Unicode was created to unlimit the character set to include
    > coverage of other languages' characters. Why shouldn't a variety of numeric
    > systems also be supported?

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