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    There will need to be explanations for a scalable plan.
    However, yes it is in use today, though not by the majority (yet).

    ie, u and uu matras legation is in contemporary (majority) use.
    Non legated u and uu are also in use, but by minority at present.
    Also, non-legated use of u and uu were the norm before it was changed to
    legated form in or arround 1700AD.


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    > "SS" <sisrivas at blueyonder dot co dot uk> wrote:
    >> To the point, There are usage samples, there were/are
    >> publications/magazines even run by the then leader of the current chief
    >> minister of Tamil Nadu state.
    >> There are usage samples. Widespread!, this will be done eventually as
    >> with other rollbacks of the past, in a controlled manner.
    > Is this something that is proposed for the future, or it something that
    > has already been adopted now or is scheduled for adoption by a
    > siginificant proportion of Tamil speakers? Can I find out about it in
    > newspapers or periodicals, or Internet locations, other than those
    > controlled by the group(s) promoting the reform?
    > Note that the question is not "Is this a desirable reform?" nor "Will this
    > reform make the Tamil language easier to read and write?"
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