Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 05:35:21 EDT

Markus Kuhn schrieb:

>I moved from BITNET to the Internet in 1989, that is almost a decade
>ago, and at all places that I have worked so far, BITNET links had
>been fully replaced with Internet links many years ago. After all,
>BITNET is an e-mail only system, it has noting like the Web and is
>therefore not even a 1/100th as sexy as the Internet.

BITNET was more than an e-mail only network. It was possible to send files
around the BITNET (send/file) and the LISTSERV also features a file server.

A nice possiblitiy was also to use the BITNET interactively (send/message)
while mail is always in batch mode.

Enough for computer archaeology.

--J"org Knappen

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