Re: Partial consistency in 8859-x?

From: Pija Brodnik (
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 02:59:26 EDT

Talking of 8859-X and in particular about 8859-2, which is supposed to be used
(designed) for Central Europe;

My question concirns french quotation marks (is this the right term?) "<<" and
">>" which appear in 8859-1. They are required in Slovene ifor which 8859-2 is
supposed to be designed (also). However, they do not.

Now a couple of questions:

  - what to do? (yeap, use Unicode.-), but besides this? In Slovene one
    needs, besides non-accented Latin letters also c, s, and z with carrons).
  - why were these quotation marks omitted (not included) from 8859-2?

Thanx for your answers,


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