SGML entities for Unicode characters

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Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 15:36:17 EDT

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Oliver Christ wrote:

> I'm looking for mapping tables from the entity names defined in the
> SGML ISO public entity sets to Unicode code points, i.e. something
> like ISOlat1.{sgm,ent} with
> <!ENTITY Eacute CDATA "&#x00C9;" -- capital E, acute accent -->

I know of no complete and definitive list. A partial list is
available at
listing the entity names supported by draft HTML 4.0.
This includes

        all of Latin-1 top half plus some of CP 1252 (U.S. Windows)

        the ASCII entities needed for quoting (&lt; &gt; etc.)

        everything in the Adobe Symbol font (basic Greek, math
        symbols, various dingbats)

        Unicode whitespace and control characters (&emsp; &zwnj;
        &rlm; etc.)

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