Re: SGML entities for Unicode characters

Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 05:41:50 EDT

Tim Partridge schrieb:

> "no equivalent" list sfrown and ssmile. There are Unicode characters
> with these names and some smily faces. Does anyone know what the SGML
> characters looks like?

They are the lower and upper half of 0x224d (EQUIVALENT TO). Canonical
glyph shapes are included in the AMS math fonts (freely available in
METAFONT format or as pk-bitmaps from the CTAN-knodes and -mirrors. Primary
CTAN sites are and

Probably UNicode considers them to be glyphical variations of 0x2322 and
0x2323 -- which are however different characters from a TeXnician's point
of view.

--J"org Knappen.

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