Unicode chinese ttf used in ArcInfo

From: Eric Cheung (ercheung@horizontech.com.hk)
Date: Tue Aug 26 1997 - 21:49:51 EDT

Dear Sir/Madam,

     We are a IT/IS company in HOng Kong. We have a software called
ArcInfo which is a Geographic Information System (GIS). They can
display chinese, but must be unicode and microsoft. It is difficult to
find venders in Hong Kong providing Chinese font, even the world. Hope
you can provide more information about this.

     I am finding vendors who provide chinese TrueType font encoded in
unicode (specific ID = 1) and MicroSoft (Platform ID = 3). I contact
the distributor of Twinbridge, InfoCan. Their Unicode chinese ttf is
not yet placed on the market. I also contact to a Beijing Company,
Beijing HanYi KeYin Information Technology Co. Ltd. They can provide a
Hei Ti- Regular truetype font with unicode encoding schemme and up to 20
thousand characters. And also they can provide font converted from Big5
or GB. But they are too expensive. Would you tell me which company can
provide unicode chinese ttf in Hei Ti-bold, regular and light. What is
their contact phone, the price.

     It is a urgent problem, thanks for your assistance.

Eric Cheung

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