Re: ISO 9995 (Keyboard standards) [...and Future keyboards]

From: Alain LaBont\i SCT (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 09:13:47 EDT

A 10:49 97-09-04 +0200, Markus Kuhn a écrit :
>Hello, Alain!
>I just read with great interest your 97-08-25 unicode list posting about
>the ISO/IEC 9995 keyboard standard.
>Are you aware that the ~1980 PC keyboard scan code technology is right now
>undergoing a major revolution? Have you heard about the Universal
>Serial Bus (USB) which will pretty soon (i.e., as soon as Windows 98
>is available) become the modern replacement of all the keyboard, mouse,
>modem, printer, sound, etc. ports on the standard PC architecture?
>If not, please have a look at <> to get
>copies of the USB spec. Especially look at the human/computer interface
>protocol specification, which is probably the way in which PC operating
>systems will talk to their PC keyboards in the next decade.
>Your posting contained a lot of good ideas of what a keyboard interface
>should look like. I hope you'll find some time to check the latest
>USB keyboard standard draft whether it meets your expectations.
>Markus Kuhn, Computer Science student -- University of Erlangen,
>Internet Mail: <> - Germany
>WWW Home: <>

[Alain] :
Thanks a lot. I transmit this to the group. The subject is of utmost
interest indeed.

Alain LaBonté

bcc SC18WG9

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