ISO 9995

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 04:49:10 EDT

Hello, Alain!

I just read with great interest your 97-08-25 unicode list posting about
the ISO/IEC 9995 keyboard standard.

Are you aware that the ~1980 PC keyboard scan code technology is right now
undergoing a major revolution? Have you heard about the Universal
Serial Bus (USB) which will pretty soon (i.e., as soon as Windows 98
is available) become the modern replacement of all the keyboard, mouse,
modem, printer, sound, etc. ports on the standard PC architecture?

If not, please have a look at <> to get
copies of the USB spec. Especially look at the human/computer interface
protocol specification, which is probably the way in which PC operating
systems will talk to their PC keyboards in the next decade.

Your posting contained a lot of good ideas of what a keyboard interface
should look like. I hope you'll find some time to check the latest
USB keyboard standard draft whether it meets your expectations.


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