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Unibook Character Browser

The Unibook Character browser is a small utility for offline viewing of the character charts and character properties for The Unicode Standard. It can also be used to copy&paste character codes. The utility was derived from the program used to print the character code charts for the Unicode Standard and ISO/IEC 10646.

This utility is available free of charge for downloading from this site. The Unicode Consortium is not able to provide technical support to users of this software. However, you may provide feedback and suggest improvements by e-mail to unibook@unicode.org. This information will be used to develop future updates.

Version 6.1.1 (build 260.4)

Unibook Version 6.1.1 is an updated version of the internal tools version used to print the code charts for Unicode Version 6.1.0. This download consists of the executables and all other files needed to run Unibook, but excludes the character property data. (Read more...)

System requirements:
Windows XP or higher, with multilingual or universal fonts installed. For Windows Vista or higher see note on configuring fonts for Vista in the help file.

This distribution does not contain copies of any character property data files. The latest and complete versions available for separate download are found in the Unicode Character Database. (See the instructions on installing data files for use with Unibook).


Step 1

Download and install property data from the Unicode Character database. (See the instructions on installing data files for use with Unibook).

Download Download UCD.zip (latest).
Download Download Unihan.zip (latest).

Step 2

Download and run the Unibook Installation. (Installation Instructions).

Download Download Version 6.1.1 (build 260.4).
Note: Unibook Version 6.1.1 may be used with versions of the Unicode Database files other than Unicode 6.1.0. In particular, this version of Unibook already supports several new syntax features that will be used in future versions of the Unicode Names List.

Please send feedback about Unibook issues by e-mail to unibook@unicode.org.

Prior versions

Several prior versions of Unibook are available for users with older versions of Windows, which may not properly run newer versions of Unibook.

Unibook is developed by ASMUS, Inc. and is distributed by the Unicode Consortium under license. Version 1.0 was included on the CD-ROM accompanying The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0. Later versions are courtesy updates. You must accept an end user license agreement  before being able to use the software. Your use of the software and the data files is further subject to the terms of use published by the Unicode Consortium and the terms of the license displayed by the program. Copyright © 1991-2013 Unicode Inc. (data files) and 1995-2013, ASMUS Inc. (program and documentation). All rights reserved. Unicode is a registered trademark of Unicode, Inc., Unibook and ASMUS are trademarks of ASMUS, Inc., Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.