Re: [unicode] kJapaneseOn and kJapaneseKun Use What Romanization Standard?

From: William J Poser (
Date: Sun Jan 24 2010 - 16:52:46 CST

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    Ed Trager wrote:
    >would I be correct to assume that I cannot automatically convert
    >the kJapaneseOn and kJapaneseKun fields from romanization into kana?

    Actually, I wouldn't abandon hope. You'd have to look more carefully
    at what is there, but such a mapping might be possible since the
    Hepburn romanization differs from the Kunrei romanization primarily
    in being subphonemic. For example, where the Kunrei-shiki romanization of
    the sa-gyo is:

            sa si su se so

    the Hepburn romanization is:

            sa shi su se so

    Similarly the Kunrei-shiki ta-gyo is:

            ta ti tu te to

    while the Hepbrun version is:

            ta chi tsu te to

    In cases like these, you can map both <tsu> and <tu> to U+3064 TU,
    both <si> and <shi> to U+3057 SI, etc.


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