Re: Transliteration of Arabic characters into English

Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 23:45:32 EDT

Edward Cherlin wrote:
>>The glyph does not need a Unicode code point, and should not be given
>one. Current font formats allow for tables of glyph properties, >including
which glyphs to use for rendering sequences of combining >characters.

and Michael Everson responded:
>While I agree with this, Ed, please don't underestimate the difficulty of
getting decent tools to make such fonts, and the problem of platform

Tools for creating such fonts are not at all hard to come by. Lots of
people have copies of Fontographer, which can readily create a font with
PUA characters.

As for platform differences, both the Mac (starting with ver. ?) and
Windows (since Win 3.1) support TrueType fonts with cmaps that allow for
PUA characters as well as text drawing APIs (on Mac, since 8.6 and on
Windows starting with NT3.x and Win95) to draw 16-bit characters. The only
problem with using such fonts is application support for text drawing APIs
that support wide characters. The problem is with apps not platforms.

Peter Constable

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